Niagara Falls to Brockport

In the middle of the Lockport lock complex

OK, I’m cheating a bit and smooshing two days on the Erie Canal trail together. I’ll break them up below.

Day 1 – Niagara Falls to Lockport – We were busy bees on the first day and I didn’t GoPro or take pictures. Some of the other Gordons may add something later, but I guess the Lockport pictures here cover both days, so I’m running with that.

We finished up with the logistics and left our hotel around 11ish AM and got into Lockport late, sampling some of the regions pancakes, burgers and ice cream along the way. Food highlight of the day was the Lake Effect Ice Cream store that Suzanne had been looking forward to for months. It did not dissappoint.

We really enjoyed all the views and paths in the Niagara Falls area and seeing the changing scenery as we rode along the Niagara River on to small towns.

Day 2 – Lockport to Brockport

This was our first big family mileage day of 47 miles. It started off a bit rough even though we were wheels turning by 9:20AM; it was hot and we had sore butt syndrome in the ranks.

By the end of the day we were fishing and riding out of the saddle like pro bike tourists and the entire family was moving fast, gamifying mileage and guessing how many kids on earth had ever ridden this far in a day. Zero fish cought, but lots of hits by angry bluegill.

Food highlights were a cute cafe in Medina; the Shirt Factory and ice cream along the way, a personal highlight was a cold brew float; genious.

We finished in my college town of Brockport, but didn’t get to see campus because we rolled in a bit late, but tomorrow I’ll make time for a lightning tour before we hit the canal.

In the middle of the Lockport lock complex
In the middle of the Lockport lock complex.
Yay, popular Government!

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